Sustainable and Ethical Fashion: Buy Less, Buy Better

Here at Primm’s, we strive to provide a highly curated selection of designer contemporary brands to Winston-Salem, NC and beyond. Primm's collection includes many smaller independent designers from around the world in addition to some of the most sought-after brands we all love.

We love to introduce new international and domestic brands to the Winston market, as well as highly coveted established brands. But above all, we believe in sustainable and ethical fashion. Buying less means buying better. Sustainable sourcing is a strong facet of our commitment to addressing the climate emergency. By doing so, we can work to offset our business carbon emissions.

What is Fast Fashion?

Who doesn’t want to indulge in the latest trend? Whether it be a midi-skirt, biker shorts, or a single-closure cardigan, each of us can take a quick look in our closets and easily identify something purchased to ride the wave.

Because of the quick fashion cycle of micro-trends, like the single-closure cardigan, many consumers find themselves purchasing from the fast fashion market. These fast fashion brands generate high quantities of clothing at fraction of the price they used to. This enables shoppers like us to hop on that trend quickly and affordably.

Why is fast fashion bad?

In a bid to get clothing quickly, quality sharply decreases and many people find themselves tossing out clothes just as fast as they purchased them. These fast fashion brands promote over-consumption by enticing us with cheaply-made clothes – directly contributing to the environmental crisis promoted by pollution, waste, resource depletion. And if our environment is suffering, we are too; the fast fashion industry is rousing social concerns, particularly that of human rights violations.

What can we do?

As responsible shoppers, we have the power to buy less and buy better. We must stop supporting this industry. Alternatively, we can work harder to support sustainable and ethical stores.

Sustainable and ethical stores work hard to be transparent about their suppliers and how products are made. They work hard to mitigate their environmental and social impact, as well as provide their workers excellent working conditions. Because of this level of consciousness and care, the quality of articles of clothing at these stores tend to be higher.

Primm’s weekly top picks for sustainable/ethical clothing:

1.Carolina K

Pictured: Natalie Long Sleeve Dress
Made in: India
Fabrics: Cotton, Silk
Price: $625

Since launching Carolina K in 2005, they have been committed to creating sustainably made products while supporting artisans across Latin America. From the brand’s inception, they envisioned working with a collective of artisans in remote regions of Latin America and are honored that they get the opportunity to work with them to this day all year round. Carolina K strives to empower and uplift these communities of women and men and are dedicated to preserving their ancestral techniques that have been used over generations. Preserving and highlighting the history and culture of these communities is a vital part of their brand DNA and philosophy. For Carolina K, it’s all about making decisions with love and care for the people and planet. By working with these small cooperatives of artisans to create impeccable slow fashion pieces each season, they are committed to reducing their impact on the environment.

2.Fresha London

Pictured: Gloria Dress
Made in: Turkey
Fabrics: Viscose
Price: $195

Fresha was found in 2013 by Chidem Mokan, a former student of London College of Fashion. Chidem developed enthusiasm particularly in maxi dresses with prints after interning at famous fashion houses when she was a student. Fresha focuses on using good quality materials gathered from all over Turkey and having them manufactured in best production facilities. Most of the materials are viscose and/or viscose blends. One thing Fresha cares about is to never use polyester even in the linings. Their products are Oeko-Tex certified. This means, they are completely free from harmful chemicals and safe for human use. Chidem personally visits the manufacturing facilities and does quality controls. She is the only fitting model of the brand because she believes real women has to be targeted.

3.Amy Lynn

Pictured: Alice Blazer
Made in: London
Fabrics: Polyester
Price: $95

Amy Lynn is a contemporary womenswear brand which launched in London in 2017. Two sisters with a passion for clothing followed their dream to create timeless pieces in easy to wear feminine shapes; so with a fusion of Eastern heritage and European spirit, Amy Lynn was born! AL produces two full collections a year with limited edition capsule edits introduced throughout the seasons to ensure a constant flow of fresh looks to update your wardrobe and to keep you up to date with current trends. Each collection is designed and curated in London and lovingly produced in our family-owned factory. This ensures that the whole process is ethical and that all your AL designs have been fairly produced from start to finish. Our in house design team create looks that are made to lift women up and provide them with the fashion they need for all elements of their life. we are an ambitions young brand. We understand our customers and know what they are looking for in the busy fast moving world of today.

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