Ripley Rader

Black Ponte Knit Straight Leg Pant

$176.00 USD

We took the pant that broke the internet and made it into the perfect straight leg pant. A high-waist, classic straight leg pant made from ponte knit. The fabric gives the appearance of a structured look with all the comfort of a soft knit.  The exaggerated long lines and high waistline are slimming and elongating on all heights and body types. 

Note on our classic-length pant:  The inseam is long on purpose because we want to offer an option for women tall and short to wear these with heels.  If the pants are long on you, simply hem to 1/4" above the ground (with shoes on) and it will look the same on you as it does on our 5'10" model.  We promise! 


sz 1 (XS): 32"  -  sz 2 (SM): 33"  -  sz 3 (M): 34"  -  sz 4 (L) - 35"

sz 1+ (XL): 32"  -  sz 2+ (1X): 33"  -  sz 3+ (2X): 34"  -  sz 4 (3X) - 35"

If you are interested in a shorter version, check out  Cropped Version! Perfect for a more petite build!

Pants featured on models size: 2(SM)


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